Ocean Dreaming

from Cello Noodles, Vol. IV by Betsy Tinney

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Dear patrons,

We made it through another month! (Go, us!) It's been a rough month for many; these are difficult and unprecedented times. I hope you and yours are all safe, healthy, and otherwise doing okay.

We are all safe and well here, so far, and I'm truly grateful for that. As for me, I've mostly been holed up in my blanket fort (my recording studio) with my favorite toys (musical instruments) and stuffed animals (elephants, whales, an alligator and a dragon). The whales in particular would like you all to know that they helped me with this month's piece.

So, about this piece. I've been having trouble sleeping lately, and have found that it helps (a bit) to listen to relaxing nature sounds. Waves are my favorite, since as a child I spent many happy nights falling asleep on our gently rocking sloop, listening to the waves lapping gently against the bulkhead next to me. Even so, I am often unable to turn off the cellos in my head; this piece, Ocean Dreaming, is essentially what it sounds like inside my head when I'm almost -- but not quite -- asleep.

Wishing you all sweet dreams!



Cover image: A tall ship (probably a brig) floats peacefully just offshore on a foggy, cloudy night. The swirling dark-grey clouds seem to reach for the surface of the water, and nearly merge with the drifting fog there. The ship, on the left, is angled toward us, and is partially obscured by the fog. Although the moon is not visible, moonlight peeks from beneath the clouds and spills down the center of the image, illuminating the rippling waves as they roll and crest toward the viewer and the shore.


from Cello Noodles, Vol. IV, released October 29, 2019
Cello & guitar: Betsy
Music by Betsy Tinney, except for bits of melody by SJ Tucker & Heather Alexander


all rights reserved



Betsy Tinney Seattle, Washington

NEW ALBUM on December 4!

Winter Greens: Carols for the Season includes all my previously released cello carols (remixed & mastered), plus a few new ones.

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