Northwest Snow Day

from Cello Noodles, Vol. II by Betsy Tinney

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This piece was inspired by the chilly, wet, dark-grey, and yet still beautiful snowstorm we had this week. We don’t get much snow here in the Seattle area, especially down in the lowlands (although our local mountain passes are famous for it). Usually we get rain down here, even in the winter (when it's extra-cold rain).

But not so this week. On Monday, we awoke to find it snowing hard, and sticking hard as well. Schools were cancelled and the roads were a mess. (There aren't many snow plows in this area.) Since the temperature was just below freezing, it was a heavy wet snow, with huge foofy flakes the size of a quarter which, on landing, merged together into a thick soggy blanket. The weight of all that semi-frozen water piling up on tree limbs brought down many branches and a few of our trees. But, despite the hassle and hazard, and the damage to our poor trees, it sure was pretty! (Photo evidence above; that's our front yard at about midday… the near-twilight due, I assume, to all that snow getting in the way of the sunlight.)

Anyway, here is "Northwest Snow Day"-- January's noodle, posting a bit late due to illness and writer's block (the latter probably caused by the former, and definitely not vice versa :). Like the snowstorm that inspired it, this piece is dark-grey, wet, and yet still graceful. (Unlike the snowstorm, though, it shouldn't make driving hazardous.)


from Cello Noodles, Vol. II, released March 3, 2016
Cello: Betsy Tinney


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Betsy Tinney Seattle, Washington

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