Lilith's Romp

from Cello Noodles, Vol. II by Betsy Tinney

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Lilith is just the best dog.

Technically, she isn't our dog; she belongs to my future daughter-in-law, Sabrina, so I guess that would make Lilith my future dogger-in-law? (Or maybe my future granddogger?)

In any case, Lilith is currently our family dog because she lives at our house (like her owners, who moved in with us last year when their rental house developed a terminal case of black mold). And we love having her here, because she is sweet and good-natured and very easy to live with. (And she has such a cute face! That faaace!!)

Lilith is a purebred pit bull terrier whom Sabrina adopted as a rescue. She is a happy, easygoing dog who almost never barks, and who seems to love almost everyone (she would probably fail as a guard dog, unless she were to knock the thief over while trying to lick his face). Lil's idea of a good time is (1) to lick EVERYONE's face, wag wag wag; or (2) to Zoom cheerfully around the yard, intermittently pausing to Inspect Something Important On The Ground. This piece was written for Lilith, her cheerful approach to life and everyone, and, of course, her "zoomies".

And maybe you can tell from the music: Lilith really is just the best dog.


from Cello Noodles, Vol. II, released March 3, 2016
Cello, bodhran & shaker: Betsy Tinney
Music by Betsy Tinney


all rights reserved



Betsy Tinney Seattle, Washington

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