It All Started With a Small Blue Elephant

from Cello Noodles, Vol. IV by Betsy Tinney

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I've been wrestling with writers' block the last few weeks. Fortunately, a small blue elephant finally came to my rescue with an excellent suggestion. (Yes, really. And no, I hadn't been drinking at the time.)

When I record in my studio, I sit inside a semicircle of six tall acoustic columns, which help to control the reflections from the room. Atop each column is a stuffed animal; these admittedly have no acoustic function, but they make me happy. There are two elephants, a humpback whale, an alligator, a Lapras, and a dragon. The blue elephant, Celine, was the one who suggested that I start out simply, by just "playing" her, as I've sometimes done with paintings and jewelry. Celine is a greyish blue with a gently ridged texture (as you can see from her photo). So, I started with a low, blue-grey, gently ridged E, and the song quickly grew from there. I'm not sure that the elephant can account for the whole thing -- once I got properly started, the music flooded out as if a dam had broken -- but she certainly started it. Hence, the title of this song!


from Cello Noodles, Vol. IV, track released July 1, 2019
Cello: Betsy Tinney, on Godiva
Moar cello: Betsy Tinney, still on Godiva
Drum programming: Betsy Tinney, with Logic Pro drummer Darcy
Cover photo by Betsy; small blue elephant by Jellycat




Betsy Tinney Seattle, Washington

NEW ALBUM on December 4!

Winter Greens: Carols for the Season includes all my previously released cello carols (remixed & mastered), plus a few new ones.

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