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Flower Moon

from Cello Noodles, Vol. VI by Betsy Tinney

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Happy spring, dear subscribers! (Or, happy-whatever-season-it-is-wherever-you-are! In my area, it seems to be the rainy season; happily for me, I do love the rain.)

This month's piece was, as you might guess from the cover art, inspired by the recent lunar eclipse (which, unfortunately, I didn't get to see myself, here in cloudy Seattle). However, there were such gorgeous photos of the eclipse posted online that I felt inspired anyway.

The May 2022 eclipse has been dubbed the Super Flower Blood Moon of 2022. It was a Supermoon (a full moon that's especially large because it occurs when the moon is near its closest point to earth); in many areas, it was also a Blood Moon (a total lunar eclipse, in which the moon turns a deep red color). And, it was dubbed a Flower Moon because in many traditions, that's the name for May's moon.

I'm calling this piece simply Flower Moon, because Super Flower Blood Moon of 2022 is quite the mouthful (and also didn't fit on the cover). I had imagined a slow, darkly magical piece; but my cello had her own ideas, and I've found it's best not to argue with her. Also, my beautiful new Irish bodhran insisted on participating (her name is Boudica, so in hindsight, maybe I should have included "Blood" in the name of this piece). Boudica was handmade by Paraic McNeela, a master bodhran maker in Dublin, and has a deep, rich and lovely voice. However, I'm still figuring out how to work with her in the studio -- she is quite temperamental about mic placement and ambient humidity -- so this recording really doesn't do her justice.

(I should mention that Boudica's purchase was funded entirely by my subscribers: it was you that made it possible. Yes, *you*. Thank you so much for your continued support! It's what keeps me creating music. I couldn't do this without you!)


Cover image description: a full moon hangs in the upper-right corner of a black sky speckled with a sprinkling of stars. The moon is huge, and takes up nearly a quarter of the image. It's in the midst of a full lunar eclipse; most of the moon's orb is a deep russet-red, shading to a bright peachy glow at the lower-left edge. A flower-shaped Celtic knotwork mandala is superimposed on the moon's glowing orb. The title text, in lowercase Uncial, reads, "Flower Moon: Betsy Tinney, cello".


from Cello Noodles, Vol. VI, released January 22, 2022
All music improvised, performed, recorded & mixed by Betsy.
Graphic design by Betsy.

Photo of the May 2022 lunar eclipse by Jim Cumming; licensed via Dreamstime.com (image #2478705988). Celtic mandala artwork by Gordon Johnson; licensed via Pixabay.com (image #1327960).


all rights reserved



Betsy Tinney Seattle, Washington

Betsy is a cello storyteller. Using her cello and an electronic looper, she weaves rich, complex and varied tapestries of sound; her original cello compositions paint pictures and tell tales, from thunderstorms and skeletal mice to dancing elephants and humpback whales. ... more

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