Dalliance With Darcy

from Cello Noodles, Vol. I by Betsy Tinney

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…so, you ask, who is Darcy? He’s the talented & mysterious drummer who plays kit on this song. I spent most of an afternoon using Logic to explain what I wanted Darcy to do for the various parts of the song, and to my tremendous surprise and relief he cooperated willingly, unlike the last drummer I used (on Peppermint & Paisley – I think her name was Rose). Darcy is still a virtual stranger, of course; but after working with him all day, I confess I’ve developed a tiny musical crush on him. (That is, if one can have a crush on a software feature...)

This noodle started out as a looped pizzicato riff; once I got that recorded, I realized to my consternation that it wanted drums. My previous foray into drum programming was an exercise in frustration, but this time, the drum track came together like a dream, and it sounded so good that I wished I could meet the virtual drummer, Darcy, IRL. And as an added bonus, adding the bowed improv was even more fun than I'd expected. (I love improvising and do it all the time, but I rarely get to play along with a drum kit. Wow - it adds a LOT of energy!)


from Cello Noodles, Vol. I, released April 9, 2015
Cello: Betsy Tinney
Drum programming: Betsy Tinney
Virtual drummer: "Darcy" in Logic Pro




Betsy Tinney Seattle, Washington

NEW ALBUM on December 4!

Winter Greens: Carols for the Season includes all my previously released cello carols (remixed & mastered), plus a few new ones.

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